How То Stop Pipes And Joints From Leaking And Freezing

Sinks, tubs, toilets and the pipes that they’re connected to have a risk of leaks. Leaky pipes and joints are a common reason for flooding. That’s why it is recommended for anybody to mend such problems and aim to fix them as soon as possible.

The first thing you can do is to locate the problem and identify if it would requires heavy repair or could it be easily fixed. Sometimes “leaking” from the pipes can simply be the so-called “sweating” which is simple condensation. The sweating occurs when there are great differences between the temperature of the water that’s going through the pipe and the air temperature. It usually happens in the summer season and it is not a big problem that requires professional assistance.

The next step is to stop the water supply to the pipes you want to fix. A lot of people miss this step and begin to tighten joints and tape pipes that are still wet because the water is still flowing inside. What should you do?

  • Stop the water and flush the toilet or turn the faucet handles to get rid of the remaining water left.
  • Wipe the pipes with a dry cloth or a towel and leave them to completely dry before you proceed.
  • Use a knife to put some rubber on the leaking section.

“If the pipe itself is damaged, you’ll have to change it, or best patch it with a pipe patch (because changing it can turn into quite a project)”, advised Shem Bruce, a fantastic plumbing professional from south London, “These patches are sold in hardware stores and are a good solution for small leaks and cracks on pipes. The patch kit has a rubber pad that goes over the crack and two metal plates that hold it firmly into place to stop the leak. This type of patching is not only fast and cheap but can be used on a permanent basis.”

Confirm that there are no leaking areas by turning on the water supply.

What if the leak comes from the joint?

Well, it’s pretty self-explanatory what you have to do but it will require the right type of spanners and some force. Tighten the joint as much as you can and turn on the water to test if this has fixed the problem.

“Another quick and efficient method of stopping a pipe leak is with waterproof tape. Be sure to dry the pipe with a towel before you tape it because it will not hold for long if it’s wet. Also, this is a temporary solution and it will need proper plumbing repair over time.” adds waterproofing contractor from Blue Seal.

You can manage the small leaks with a compound stick. This will help you stop the leak even if the water is still running and the pipe is wet. It can’t be said for how long it will hold but keep in mind that it’s a temporary solution and proper repairs should be carried out.

How to Prevent Frozen Pipes

It is a well-known fact that frozen pipes can cause serious damage to your home and also they are very expensive when it comes to proper plumbing repair. The reasons why this situation occurs is because of the sudden drop in temperature, bad insulation and having some problems with the thermostats. When the pipes are frozen this can result in cracks and also it is very likely that they will break if no further action is taken.

  • You must be aware of the fact that the pipes which are situated in basements, attics, and garages are more likely to freeze than the ones situated in other places. It’s proven that the chill that is courtesy of the harsh wind can play the key role in the process of freezing. The material from which the pipe is made of and the size are not so important in this process. You are advised to take the required precautions before the bad weather arrives.
  • You must make sure the pipes are insulated before the arrival of the cold weather front. In addition, you have to check whether there are some cracks and holes near the pipes that can let the cold air in. Also, you need to disconnect the garden hoses and if you have an indoor valve, it can really help you with the draining of the pipes which lead to the faucets.
  • You are strongly advised to keep the thermostats at the same temperature during the day and the night because during winter if you decide to lower the temperature, you most certainly guarantee yourself frozen pipes. Also, make sure to shut the garage doors because water runs through there.
  • If you plan a trip during the winter, you have to take the right precautions. When you are away, you must leave the thermostat on to keep your home warm. Don’t worry about the money that you will pay because if you do not do this, you will have to invest even more in terms of new pipes. Also, it is important to notify your neighbours that you are leaving town for a certain time so they can check on your home from time to time to make sure that everything is in order.

It is important to have a long-term solution for such issues. If you already have insulation, you might want to revise how well it performs an even add an extra layer to protect the pipes. It is recommended to leave it to professionals if you’re unsure in what to do.

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