Home Heating Myths That Potentially Rammed Up Your Bills Last Winter

Although Winter has passed and we can now look forward to a warm Summer this year, it’s never too late to prepare for the next Winter ahead. It’s likely that you received your utility bill a couple of months ago and noticed that your bill might have skyrocketed a bit more than you expected. With that in mind, it’d be useful to get your heating knowledge up and debunk well-known heating myths that you may have come across before.

Turn The Heating Up When It’s Cold Outside

Many homeowners admit to turning up the heating when they find it’s extra cold outside. However, this shouldn’t be the case in your own home as the purpose of a thermostat is to maintain the internal temperature in your house. If you feel that it’s still cold even though your heating is on, it may be worth double check your ventilation systems inside your home.

Turning Up The Thermostat Will Heat Up The Room Quicker

There are suggestions that if you turn up the temperature on your thermostat, it will increase the chances of your room warming up quicker. Unfortunately, that’s simply not the case and you’ll be using up more energy than you need to. All it will do is simply bring the temperature of the room higher.

It’s More Energy Efficient To Have The Heating On Low Constantly

It’s common for homeowners to think that keeping the temperature on low constantly rather than turning it on and off can save them more money. However, this could actually be wasting more money than you think. The heating won’t be utilised efficiently as there will be occasions when no one is present in the house to benefit from it. If someone is to arrive home, it may be a temperature that they don’t like which will cause them to increase the temperature.

Keep Your Water Heater On

If you have a hot water tank in the house, homeowners tend to worry about not having enough hot water in the house. Therefore, they choose to keep the water on all day so it remains consistent throughout the day. This shouldn’t be necessary if your water heater cylinder is well insulated. Even turning it on for at least half an hour first thing in the morning should have it staying warm until about midday.

Keep Electric Storage Heaters On At All Time

Many homeowners have pre-installed electric storage heaters in their homes. Unfortunately, many have admitted that they are unsure of how they actually work. As a result, they simply choose to keep their heaters on at all times. Electric energy is far more expensive than gas which means bills can become sky high. Double check the features of your electric storage heater and utilise them only when you need it. This way you can save on utilising the heat only when you need it.

Nowadays, homeowners will find any possible way to save money. Switching energy is one of the most common providers for switching by homeowners and it’s no surprise considering bills can be quite high. Taking these steps will help to save your energy and money inside your home which means you can feel prepared for when Winter comes again.

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