Small Business Owners Can Breath a Sigh of Relief

In todays time families and businesses are under pressure, it’s no secret that I am actively trying to help our customers, residents & other businesses in Brighton & Hove. As founder member of I know how expensive it is to own a vehicle . Hiked parking prices in our city is having a detrimental effect on our local economy and in August I feared for the worst.

Drivers, businesses, families can breath a sigh of relief after George Osbourne announced a full u-turn on the planned 3p a litre tax increase. Saving an average family £159 a year and businesses even more money, it is a clear indication that the government is brave enough to admit when they have get it wrong. The chancellor has proved that he understands the need to help working families and businesses, not make it harder.

I can only hope that our local council follow suit for next years budget. Earlier this year the Green administration enforced one of their most unpopular policies, astronomical price hikes for parking prices and permits across the city. The local response to the price hike on social networking sites, local press & general interaction is anger and disappointment. The TNT cannot stress enough that we the people need to pull together & gain support to help make a difference. The campaign aims to make sure everybody is heard and to pressure the council into making their own u-turn on the high parking prices.

Well done George Osbourne, you have certainly helped my business, associated businesses and our customers.

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