How to save money on heating bills

With the ever-increasing costs of energy, and continually rising fuel bills, many householders are looking for ways to reduce the cost of their energy bills. Of course, there are several things which you can do relatively cheaply and easily to minimise the cost of your energy. Firstly, check that you are not wasting heat by letting it escape from your house – every little amount that escapes costs you money, so begin by making your house as energy-efficient as possible. Cavity wall insulation is another effective way to keep heat in, but heat can also escape through your windows and doors, so try to make sure you have the best possible double-glazing.

Another way to reduce your bills is to check that you have the best deal with your energy company. There are many energy providers, with a bewildering number of tariffs, so checking that you are on the best one for your situation may seem an impossible task. However, doing your homework on the internet can make a surprising difference. Arming yourself with your recent bills and taking a little time to enter your usage details into a comparison site could allow you make some significant savings, and switching can be done easily online. Some utility companies will also provide you with an energy monitor, so that you can track your usage, and change your habits to make savings. It’s surprising how much difference little steps such as switching off lights and avoiding the use of a tumble drier can make to your overall bill.

However, there is a limit to what can be saved by using these strategies, so to be sure you are achieving the maximum savings, you also need to think about your central heating boiler. If your boiler was fitted some time ago, you could be losing money, because old boilers are now unlikely to be operating very efficiently. The Energy Saving Trust (EST), has calculated that a boiler over ten years old could be running at only 60% efficiency, meaning that you could be wasting 40% of your fuel. If you calculate the cost of your annual energy bill, this could run into hundreds of pounds! Fitting a new condensing boiler could save you a significant amount of money; if you have an old gas or oil-fired boiler the EST estimates that you could save £225 annually by fitting a new condensing boiler. A new A-standard boiler is likely to run at 90% efficiency, providing efficient heating and hot water, and saving you money.

Of course, buying and fitting a new boiler might seem an expensive option at first, and some people are worried about the difficulties involved in hiring a reliable contractor to carry out the work. They may put off upgrading their boiler because of the initial costs involved and worries about finding trustworthy fitters. However, Plumbing on Tap, an established and reputable company operating in the Brighton and Hove area, can offer the perfect solution.

Plumbing on Tap works in partnership with Worcester Bosch, as a Recommended Installer, to supply and fit modern boilers, offering a reliable professional service. Plumbing on Tap has worked hard to build a reputation for high standards of workmanship teamed with industry expertise, so that you can be sure your installation will be completed safely and without fuss. Winner of the 2012 ‘Hove at Your Service’ Business Award for the Best Specialist Business, Plumbing on Tap also has excellent customer reviews so you can be confident of receiving an excellent service.

Requiring only 25% deposit, Plumbing on Tap can offer of interest-free credit over 12 months to help with the costs of buying and installing your boiler – the only company in Sussex to offer this option. Taking advantage of this offer will give you an affordable way to upgrade your system and to begin making savings, without the need to pay out a large amount of cash up-front.

And because Plumbing on Tap is a Worcester Approved Installer, all new systems come with a 7-year warranty, eliminating the need for an expensive maintenance contract. This guarantees that there will be no repair costs for seven years, allowing you to save even more money.

Naturally, every home is different, and you will need to consider carefully which is the best boiler and system for your needs, but Plumbing on Tap can give you professional advice to make sure that you get the perfect solution for your home. They can also install roof insulation, and provide a new electrical system to maximise your savings.

Fuel bills form a significant portion of your outgoings, and it’s clear that energy costs will continue to rise over the coming years, making household bills more and more expensive. Measures such as maximising your existing insulation, and changing your habits to reduce your energy usage can only go so far in helping you towards lower fuel bills. Installing a new, energy-efficient boiler will not only allow you to use less fuel, so making your bills cheaper, but will also help you to reduce your carbon footprint – something we all need to aim towards. By taking advantage of what Plumbing on Tap has to offer, you can look forward to heating and hot water for all your needs, and also cheaper bills.

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