Money Saving Advice: High Energy Prices in the UK

Another season, come and gone. As the last autumn leaves crunch and crumble underneath our feet, it feels right about that time when Plumbing On Taps customers break out the mulled wine, advent calendars, and far more reluctantly — their piggy banks.

Energy prices are expected to increase again this year at above inflation rates just at the cold weather takes hold.  This bad news affects our plumbing and heating customers throughout Brighton, Worthing and the greater Sussex area.   According to recent data, leading energy suppliers Npower, SSE, and British Gas are on the rise this year (Npower up by 10.4 per cent; SSE by 8.2 per cent, and British Gas up by 9.2 per cent).  In leu of this information, Plumbing On Tap has prepared an info-graphic that illustrates how these price increases impact our clients and suggests means of saving money from greater fuel efficiency, switching energy supplier to upgrading your central heating system.

While many Plumbing On Tap customers may be hesitant to fork over the extra cash in order to stay cosy, it is important to note the various health risks posed by insufficient home heating. Statistics show that an estimated 28 per cent of elderly Britons, ages 65 and older, are concerned about staying warm at home during winter.  An additional 55 per cent of this demographic are also worried about soaring energy prices.

Believe it or not, an excess of 24,000 winter deaths occur each year in the UK. In order to maximize energy efficiency without forfeiting safety or comfort, take a look at the following cool facts as bulleted in the infographic, above. Here, you can gather more friendly pointers on how to manage your energy consumption to ensure a more comfortable, winter season for you and your loved ones!

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