What Are the Key Benefits of a Power Diverter?

You can divert excess solar power straight into your water tank and other household equipment with the use of a power diverter. This gives you a steady supply of hot water all year round. With a special controller, you can even divert the excess power to your underfloor heating, swimming pool pumps, electric cars and solar batteries, and air conditioning units.

  • Hot water on demand when you need it
  • Easy and efficient use of your solar power
  • Extendable 5-year warranty
  • Quick and easy installation
  • No additional wiring or plumbing required
  • With flexible dual inputs, you can connect to your on/off-peak tariff supplies and ensure your hot water comes at the lowest possible rates
  • Boosts hot water temperature automatically to protect against legionella
  • You can schedule your hot water boosting as required with the 24/7 timer
  • Deliver excess energy in all weather conditions with the variable power control
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