What are the benefits in upgrading to a newer, energy efficient boiler model?

The first and foremost reason that every home-owner could benefit from is a reduction in heating costs. In fact, an eco-friendly condensing model, such as those sold by Worcester Bosch, can save you up to three hundred pounds per year on your heating costs. So it is easy to see how the initial costs of replacing your old boiler by a Brighton Plumber will be offset by savings in just a few years’ time. Additionally the UK government offers a number of grants available to households with lower incomes to replace their boilers with energy efficient models.

The second benefit should go without saying, and that is safety. Older boilers are more prone to incident, such as fire, than newer models. Finding a Gas Safe certified engineer, like those employed with Plumbing On Tap, to handle the replacement and installation of your new boiler is paramount for you and your family’s safety.

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