How to Check for Bathroom Leaks

  • Shower leaks: Check the seals around your shower as well as water coming into contact with the walls where
    the shower head is attached. Turn on the water and check for drips. Also, check shower doors, gaps where the
    shower tray meets the floor, and the condition of the rubber seals.
  • Bathtub leaks: Check for gaps in all seals. Water stains on the ceiling of the room below are a sign.
  • Bath drain leaks: Plug the bathtub, fill it with water, and check back after an hour to see if the level is
    the same.
  • Sink drain leaks: Puddles of water on the floor at the base of the basin are an obvious sign.
  • Sink leaks: Water leakage from where the fixture meets the wall or sink basin.
  • Toilet leaks: Often occur between the toilet and waste pipe. Check the seal where the toilet meets the floor.
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