What Are The Requirements If I Want To Install a Water Tank in My Loft?

A water storage tank should meet the following requirements before installation:

  • A tank of 250 litres is considered adequate for most homes, so don’t buy a tank bigger than this, as it’s important for the water to be replenished with fresh water.
  • Your water tank must be made from approved materials like Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP) or Polyethylene, as these are approved for water storage. Older tanks are made of galvanised iron, which rusts over time, discolours water and leaves a bad taste. Be sure to look for the WRAS approved product logo, as this will ensure the tank is safe for storing drinking water.
  • The tank you purchase must be for potable drinking water, as the design of the tank is different from those used to store non-potable water.
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