How Can You Tell If You Have a Water Leak In Your House?

  • Presence of water loving bugs: the sight of water loving bugs can indicate increased humidity and dampness in your home. A water leak is most likely what’s attracting the bugs to begin with.
  • Mildew or odor of decaying wood: when you suddenly start sighting mold inside your house, this means that there may be a leak. There could also be a leak if you notice the odor of mildew, decaying wood or that of stagnant water.
  • Unusual noises in your plumbing: air in the lines as a result of leaks can cause pinging or stuttering when a faucet is turned on.
  • Wet spots: a leak in the pipes can cause wet spots on the walls and carpets. Your yard can also become soggy and subsequently dip. The drywall can also begin to buckle as it absorbs water.
  • Sediments and rust in the water: since rust causes pipe leakage, sediments and rust particles in the water could indicate leakage.
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