Do I need a Power Flush?

When you notice any of the symptoms below, it means there could be corrosion or sludge in your system and a power flush would subsequently be required:

  • There are cold areas at the bottom of your radiators
  • Cloudy tap water (indicating the presence of limescale)
  • When you bleed a radiator, no water escapes
  • Hot pipes when the radiators are cold
  • Excessive noise from the heating system, pump or boiler
  • Heating becomes slow
  • Boiler regularly requires restarting
  • Discolored water from the radiators when bled
  • Small leaks in the radiators

A qualified engineer can help you decide if and when you need a power flush, as well as alert you to any potential risks in your system. The materials used on your heat exchanger have much to contribute, with regards the likelihood of debris and sludge formation in the system.

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