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When looking for a cost-efficient, energy-efficient and eco-friendly boiler manufacturer, you can do no better than opting for a Valliant boiler – with over a hundred years operating within the UK heating industry, these guys know what they’re doing.

It’s with that in mind that Plumbing on Tap Brighton is taking a look at the different model ranges on offer from the Valliant brand, and giving them a fair look-over.

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Valliant Ecomax Boiler Specs and Benefits

Under the microscope, this time around, is the Valliant Ecomax range of boilers and heating systems. For Brighton homeowners, Valliant Ecomax Boilers will be known, perhaps, for their ability to grant powerful heating emission without ranking up too much on the monthly utility bills; however, there is slightly more to it than a decent cost:power ratio.

First of all, let’s split into its constituent parts: the Valliant Ecomax series is split into to two main subcategories – the Valliant Ecomax Pro 18E/ 28E and the VallianceEcomax 800 Range of boilers.

Taking the Ecomax Pro, first, we have a boiler system that is designed to provide the home’s central heating through a fully pumped open-vent or sealed water system, with the heating temperature then adjusted on the boiler itself.

Once the initial settings have been set and optimised, following the Valliant Ecomax Boiler installation, then the whole thing functions automatically.

Moving on to the VallianceEcomax 800 Range gives something slightly different. This group is a selection of boilers that give both central heating and domestic water, with the latter supplied from the boiler itself.

Much like a combi boiler, the VallianceEcomax 800 will grant hot water whenever it is necessary, or required by turning a hot water tap somewhere in the residence – this form of warming only when necessary is the primary reason for this system’s energy efficiency.

Additionally, both systems are fairly compact and unassuming, smaller Brighton homes will benefit from the Valliant Ecomax Boiler series for a multitude of reasons.

Valliant Ecomax Boiler Installation

With Plumbing on Tap Brighton’s Valliant Ecomax Boiler Installation promise of reliability, professionalism, quick speed and low-hassle, it’s difficult to see any real reason for not upgrading your Sussex home’s current heating system.

Many homeowners choose to upgrade simply due to the high running costs of their current, older systems, or because they’re witnessing a serious inefficiency with the energy value of their boiler. Of course, if you’ve been operating with a sub-par heating system for a long time already, then it might be difficult to know where to look, which to choose or who to trust.

This is why Plumbing on Tap offer a 364 day Valliant Boiler Installation service across Brighton; so that the homeowners who need an upgrade don’t have to plan their lives around a new installation or upgrade.

It’s always important to, at the very least, consider an new installation or upgrade for your boiler and heating system, as you can never be too sure how inefficient or costly your home’s heating actually is. This goes double for older systems, of course, but doesn’t rule out recent boiler installations or more modern heating options – even a brand new one could be running inefficiently.

No matter which brand, model or business you opt for, every single heating system is just as susceptible as the next to wear and tear and a gradual deterioration; which is why today might be the day for you to look at options in Brighton for Valliant Ecomax Boiler Installation for yourself.

Valliant Ecomax Boiler Maintenance and Servicing

Of course, the condition of our home heating system, old or new, can be kept up to date with regular and scheduled maintenance or professional servicing – otherwise you’re leaving it to simply work its way to the grave.

In fact, many boiler and heating system manufacturers make it a core tenet of their warranty policy that customers/homeowners must regularly service and maintain their boilers in order to actually make good on any warranty promises, otherwise it shoes negligence on the owner’s part and the company can shrug off all responsibility.

Avoid this happening to you, by scheduling a Brighton based Valliant Ecomax Boiler maintenance or service with Plumbing on Tap, today. The average time for a Valliant Ecomax service is around an hour to an hour and a half; times may vary depending on how accessible your system is, and how long it’s been since its last service (the longer, the worse, to put it simply).

Again, much like the installation rule – it doesn’t matter how new and modern your home’s heating system is, it still requires regular and thorough maintenance to keep it ticking over as best it can.

With Plumbing on Tap Brighton’s Valliant Ecomax Boiler Maintenance philosophy – every single boiler is treated in the same manner: with a diverse, in-depth, 18 stage examination of the entire system complete with a check-up of any ancillary gas fires installed in the home.

Quick call-out responses are also guaranteed.


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Valliant Ecomax Boiler Repair

On the topic of call-outs, we, at Plumbing on Tap Brighton, like to be up front with our customers, which is why we inform them that the price of a call-out is a flat rate of £65 inc. VAT; from that point onwards, the engineer will strive to rectify all damages or problems within the first hour of arriving on the property to save time and money.

Even with the call-out charge, our repairmen and women each drive vans equipped with a whole host of appropriate machinery, spare parts and tools for a vast range of tasks, meaning they will very rarely be caught short, or be unable to fix the problem right there and then.

For premiere Sussex Valliant Ecomax Boiler repair, think Plumbing on Tap Brighton.

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